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Wanda & Nova deViator

(MTD graduation piece)

created and performed by Inge Hindriks, Dioekie Meijen, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Evelyne Rossie, Kristina Hanses, Maartje Pasman, Rozemarijn de Neve, Alexander Gershberg, Eva Markusse-Vrieling, Valentina Zabalza-Benaran, Sanne Wichman, Petra Pekolj
at">AHK Amsterdam, 1+2+3 July 2010

Beside-ness is as a study of spatial coexistence of proposition BESIDE by questioning a number of elements that may live alongside one another in desiring, representing, communicating, mimicking... The study is reiterating on shame affect following the writing of Silvan S. Tomkins. He claims that shame is the affect of offense, humiliation, insult, defeat, transgression, violation and alienation. The shame has a deep effect on a person and thus becomes inner torture, the disease of the soul. She/he feels naked, defeated, alienated and also feels a lack of dignity and value. But all this shameful actions (lowering the head, the eyes, covering the face and also being ashamed of one’s own body and consequently covering the body from other people...) function only in beside-ness of pleasure and joy.

concept and choreography: Maja Delak
music and editing: Luka Prinčič


beside-ness_audio_export04_schostakovich.oga (mp3)

beside-ness_audio_grain08.oga (mp3)

beside-ness_audio_granul02.oga (mp3)

beside-ness_audio_kristina_sings.oga (mp3)

beside-ness_audio_shaking.oga (mp3)