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News and Updates

Pacification Album Just Around The Corner

In less then a week we are releasing our album "Pacification" with a thursday night @ Channel Zero (Metelkova,Ljubljana). On that date - 4/april/13 - our little label KAMIZDAT have all four forms of album ready: two deluxe boxed editions, a simple cd and a free digital download for all (but you can name your price).

Late Winter Early Spring Updates

While we've been sparse with any updates recently, we've been busy with number of projects - especially preparing the new creative year of 2013. A progress has been made in december and january regarding the "Frozen Images" album, which should be going into mixing and mastering process in beginning of February. We hope to have the album ready for distribution in March.

Also, in next few months we can announce some appearances in Maribor/Slovenia area and north of France (Lille) Returning from there after 22/march we are organizing a little tour, so if you are interested in hosting us in your venue or event, please get in touch!

120629 WNDV @ Deviant Funk Music Club pre-summer

Here we're at it again!

RSVP->facebook event

120410 Deviant Funk Music Club

RSVP @ -> facebook event

120209 Deviant Funk Music Club

120131 Resistance Joys and Pleasures

Recently we have enthusiastically turned up at Safari vol4 event with an hour and a half long mix of deviant funk-future-punk, electronic de-moralization, anti-trend queer-ing and always some exclusive electro-breaking.
See next occurrence at Deviant Funk Music Club at Club Monokel in Ljubljana on 10th February 2012.
dj Nova deViator all night long!
more - Resistance

photo by: Peter Giordani

111201 Transmittance 2 + WIRELESS FEELINGS

Log in on page on 13th December at 8pm CET to see and collaborate in Transmittance#2 edition.

Transmittance#2 rehearsal Ljubljana, 10th December 2011, Tobacco 001; photo: Matija Ferlin

Check Radio Cona and follow Radio Arts Space - FM / online / gallery exhibition by radioCona from 7th untill 16th December 2011 and and 6th Streaming Festival.
WIRELESS FEELINGS by The Sweetest Band is part of exhibition and Streaming Festival Sound Programme.

111111 Piksel11 & Wireless Feelings

Soon Piksel11 in Bergen, Norway with Sublimation Revision.
Performing at 22.30 - Landmark, Bergen on 17th November 2011.
Check Piksel11, Bergen for more.

WIRELESS FEELINGS by The Sweetest Band was recorded at Transmittance#1 event in Pula, Croatia.
Audio recording was reworked and arranged in a sound track that will be heard at Radio Art Space and 6th Streaming Festival.

111006 Another Busy Day - Over

New premiere is coming up. In a month. Collaboration with Via Negativa team in creating a joint project, which is to join forces of two independent authorial groups on the basis of common conceptual ground on the one hand and different creative approaches on the other: Via Negativa, under the conceptual guidance of director Bojan Jablanovec, and collaborators in production of Emanat, under artistic leadership of choreographer Maja Delak. At the moment, each group of artists works on its own respective scenic approach to the thematic focal point: shame. Both artists and producers see this creative merging as an open door to a mutual point of creative breakthrough, organically melting together ideas, concepts and performative strategies.

Authors: Loup Abramovici, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Maja Delak (concept and choreography), Bojan Jablanovec (concept and direction), Darko Japelj, Katja Kosi, Luka Princic, Maja Smrekar, Katarina Stegnar, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Irena Tomazin, Magdalena Tuka, Grega Zorc, Anita Wach
Executive producers: Nina Janež, Špela Trošt
Production: Via Negativa, Emanat
In collaboration: Bunker
Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana

Else, Skin-deep Screens are going to be shown on PNEM Sound Art Fest 2011 on 5-6 November.

And, it looks we are coming to Bergen (Norway). Really looking forward to it!

110824 Transmittance#1.5 + mur.sat project

Next Transmittance#1.5 event takes place on 26th August 2011 at 9pm CET. Event is happening as a result of meeting in ESC gallery in Graz, where we started/participated in a workshop connected to the project Mur.sat.
See more: Transmittance #1.5 + mur.sat project.

Watch it on Friday and interact with us via

See latest news and updates on project development on

photo by: Reni Hoffmueller

110718 Wanda & Nova deViator with Irena Tomažin (iT)

New tracks based on the material Sublimation Revision with Irena Tomažin. The session took place on 29th April 2011 in Studio 17, Ljubljana and was streamed in the frame of Pretok platform/project.

Check the tracks: Wanda & Nova deViator featuring iT

Irena Tomažin, iT; photo by Luka Prinčič

110706 Wireless Feelings edit

New sound track: "Wireless Feelings by The Sweetest Band"

Check the new edit of audio recorded live at Transmittance1 in Pula, Croatia: Wireless Feelings by The Sweetest Band.

Screenshot from Transmittance1, Pula, 27th May 2011

110612 Updates on Frozen Images

Next week we (Wanda & Nova deViator) are performing Frozen Images (2010) in Arnolfini, Bristol. It will be our 18th re-run. We're working on some improvements and extending music and performance work and scenes, especially exploiting beats in the songs like Emotionally Unemployed, One Click Away, Pirates and "pressure-sensoring & pitch shifting" Princess.
If you are around Bristol on 22nd June at 6.30pm you can participate in artist's talk with Wanda and Nova deViator or see Frozen Images on 23rd June at 8.30pm in Arnolfini.

Photo from Ljubljana's performance on 25th February 2011, photo by Suncan Stone

110529 Transmittance1 successfuly premiered

We are in the aftermath of everything that happened in Pula feeling we achieved certain conceptual and concrete goals. We want to thank everyone who came in the online stream&chat and interacted passionately or simply watched. Without you - online audence - the performance wouldn't happen. We thank to the 'Pula' crowd who came to see and stayed with us for full two and half hours of this special experience (for us). But most of all, the festival Polis crew - especially Egle for her trust and support, then Matija, Marko and Davor for joining with all their hearts, Mauro and Rea for last minute jump on-board, and all the rest who gave a helping hand in this technically demanding project.

We are working on all the video documentation and will soon release it here.

110514 Transmittance in Pula upcoming soon

Next Transmittance1 event takes place on 27th May 2011 at Polis Adriatic Europe 2011 Festival in Pula, Croatia.

Watch it and interact with us via

See latest news and updates on project development on

110501: Sublimation Revision process

Getting ready for Sublimation Revision performance on LAC2011, Linux Sound Night in Maynooth, Ireland (6th May) and Liwoli @Stadtwerkstadt, Linz, Austria (12th May). Exciting work on sound and video! Listen to some residuals of testing new patches programmed by Luka.

Sublimation Revision Rehearsal FirstMay

Pretok4 Sublimation Revision with Irena Tomažin

Sublimation Revision Rehearsal Distortion

110324: skin-deep screens

We have just completed a new video for a project called 'Forms of Life' by Franck Leibovici and Christine Macel and following their /discussions paresseuses/. Invited by Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. We have produced a video taken from the video documentation of Neforma9 improvisation which we did in February 2011. We are sneaking a url for you: