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Skin-deep Screens

(appearance of the bodies in the fold, peeling off into depth)

The video shows a simultaneous zoom-in of two cameras that are recording an improvisation performance that included four persons, each working in at least two mediums among multiple: movement, sound, video, lights, texts, - dealing with notion of shame.

The zoom is to the two projections, which, however includes the passing of performers and sounds of the space. Multiple cameras were involved in the real-time manipulation of the video, making the perception of space somewhat multilayered and non-univocal.

The video is playing on notion of 'out-of-frame' and 'residual' and it shows only part of the performance, so an alternative view of the performance is revealed through perception of cameras, video manipulations, out-of-frame sounds and projections.

Concieved by: Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič
Performed by: Maja Delak (movement, texts, laptop), Matija Ferlin (movement, texts), Luka Prinčič (video, laptop, programing), Maja Smrekar (video, light)
recorded at Neforma 9, improvisational event organized by Sploh, Emanat, Španski borci, Ljubljana, SI (10th February 2011)

flash version here.

Presented at:
17.-18.07.2011 Kastav Film Festival, Rijeka, HR
05.-06.11.2011 PNEM Sound Art Fest, Uden, NL
5th issue of Infinity's Kitchen