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General Technical Raider



  • 2x 19” subwoofer + 2x 500W HF/MF speakers (it also depends on venue size)
  • 2x stage monitors
  • stereo mixer for the PA
  • 2x mic stands
  • 2x SM58 SURE microphone + XLR cable
  • 2x XLR cable for connection to PA's mixer


  • 2x min 3500lumen projector
  • 2x white projecting canvas
  • 2x long vga cables


  • high-speed broadband wired connection very crucial (if absolutely impossible, please let’s discuss how to setup wireless)


  • two-three (higher - 120-140cm) tables
  • more dividing cord schuko (6-8) (220V, black)
  • more extension cords schuko 10m (220V, black)
  • the space needs to allow high sound levels


  • basic lights on stands (2 x 5)
  • light mixer


The performance is approximately 4 hours long.


The requirements listed in this rider are designed to allow the best possible realization of the performance. Technical adaptations are possible and are matter of further arrangements. The organizer should provide the producer with technical information about the venue.
We kindly ask you to send as much information as possible about the venue so we may adjust the performance to the performing space.
For further information about technical needs please contact Luka Prinčič: tel:+386-40- 667798 or e-mail: